The Future Of Building Muscle


ELECTRIC PRE-WORKOUT powder is scientifically developed to provide a high-intensity boost in power, strength, and concentration – perfect for getting you through even the toughest training sessions.


VEGAN ISOLATE is designed to function as a premium, dairy-free, Vegan-Friendly protein source with minimal carbohydrates and fats. It delivers an optimal 24g dose of protein in every serving for lean muscle repair, maintenance and growth.

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high end, high-performance polyester sports tees,cotton blend hoodies and joggers. available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

performance enhanced clothing


"I loved the protein! Super sweet and had a nice subtle berry flavor!! My favorite way to have it so far is in a smoothie bowl but it's also great with rice milk straight after the gym as a quick refuel, especially after lots of cardio!"

Faye Kennedy

"Vegan isolate is the first vegan protein I've tried that I don't have to hold my nose to drink as its so smooth and great tasting compared to everything else I've tried"

Mark Peterborough